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To purchase our products, you don’t have to log in. It is still recommended because in this way you can get several discounts. You will find our products from the left side of the page. If you are looking for a specific brand or beverage, enter it in the search box and you will see results that match the search term.

All our product categories can be conveniently filtered. By clicking on a product category a small category page will open that also contains a filter menu. There you can conveniently narrow your search. In this way you can search for products that match your taste and preferences.

How to buy:

  • Find a suitable product

  • Add it to your shopping cart and choose the desired amount

  • Fill the mandatory fields and choose the delivery method

  • Choose a payment method and confirm the order 


EBD Group AS has the right to withdraw from the sales contract concluded via the online store without sanctions and not to hand over the ordered goods or provide the service in the following cases:

  • if the buyer is under 18;

  • goods are out of stock;

  • the price or features of the goods are incorrect in the online store because of a system error;

  • the amount paid for the goods has not been received in the EBD Group OÜ bank account.

If EBD Group is unable to fulfil the order, the buyer will be contacted and the amount paid will be refunded if the buyer has managed to pay in advance for the goods.


In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the European Union, the consumer’s right to withdraw from the contract and return the goods does not extend to alcoholic beverages.

If the goods are incorrect or defective, you must notify us immediately upon receipt of the goods by e-mail or call the contact telephone number where you brought the goods. You can exchange wrong or defective goods on the basis of a purchase receipt or invoice. Return costs will be borne by EBD Group OÜ.

Return of goods by agreement

Only orders for which the customer has to submit an agreement containing both parties in writing are refundable. Only unopened products with undamaged packaging are refundable. We only accept products that are sold in a box or suitcase in sealed form. Open beer and vodka cases and wine boxes are not refundable. We accept returns within two weeks of the sale.


The seller has the right to use (incl. process) the personal data and purchases records provided by the customer in accordance with the applicable legislation to the extent necessary to fulfil the order submitted by the customer in the online store.

The seller processes personal data of the customer for the following purposes:

  • fulfilment of the order submitted in the online store;

  • online store customer relationship management and customer communication;

  • answering customer inquiries;

  • research into consumer habits;

  • compilation of sales statistics;

  • management and development of online store services.

The seller implements all measures (incl. administrative, technical and physical measures) to protect personal data of the customer. Only authorised persons have access to modify and process the data.

The seller does not transfer personal data of the customer to third parties, except for the payment service provider to the extent necessary to pay for the purchase and to the postal or courier service provider to the extent necessary for the delivery of the goods to the customer. When purchasing as a guest from the online store, the customer’s first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number and postal address shall be registered, if this is necessary for the delivery of the goods to the customer.

The personal and purchase data of customers who have made a purchase in the online store as a guest will be stored for 2 years as of the purchase. After this deadline, the personal data will be deleted automatically. The personal data of inactive customers in the online store will be deleted within six months.

The customer has the right to receive personal data about themselves from the online store administrator at any time, to demand the correction and transfer of the their personal data and the termination of the processing of personal data. Please submit applications electronically to the EBD Group OÜ online store administration at In order to ensure the security of personal data processing, the application of the customer must be digitally signed. The seller has the right to reject the customer’s request if their identity cannot be established or the transfer of personal data is not secure. The seller does not have access to the customer’s bank data when paying for the goods via the Internet bank. The seller has the right to perform a profile analysis on the personal data registered in the online store in order to better understand the customers’ expectations and, as a result, to offer better goods and services, enabling more direct marketing targeting.

EBD Group OÜ is the controller of personal data in the online store. EBD Group OÜ has the right to transfer personal data from online store cooperation partners to processors in order to provide the best service to customers. Processors only have the right to process personal data in accordance with the instructions received from the seller, and agreements have been concluded with processors on the confidentiality of personal data. The processors of the personal data of the online store are listed here.

EBD Group OÜ (Kesk tee 12 Jüri 75305 Harju County, Estonia, Tel. +372 578 77 220

Omniva (address: Pallasti 28, Tallinn, telephone number: (+372) 661 6616, email address: The website uses cookies. This will help the website to remember your choices on our site. By visiting this site, you agree that we use cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of text in your web browser that is downloaded to your computer when you visit a specific website. Cookies allow the website to recognise the visitor’s computer. In addition, the website helps you remember information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other settings. This can make your next visit easier and more useful for you. Cookies have an important role. Without them, using the web would be a much more frustrating experience.

EBD Group uses:

  • session cookies which are automatically deleted after each visit;

  • permanent cookies that remain after repeated use of the website;

  • third-party cookies used by our partner websites that are embedded in or linked to our site.

  • We do not control the origin of these cookies;

  • you can find information about the management of these cookies on the website of a third party.

Why do we use cookies and what information do we collect?

Cookies help us to deliver services according to your wishes and habits. Cookies are typically used to collect statistics that track users’ preferences when visiting websites. For example, we use them to remember your safe search preferences, create profiles to serve targeted ads, make your ads more relevant, count visitors to our site, help you sign up for our services, and protect your information. When you visit our website, in addition to our cookies, other cookies can be stored and accessed on your computer by our analysis and advertising partners; they can also collect information about your internet activity and use of our online services.

Can cookies be disabled?

Yes, you can disable cookies from your browser. You can find more information about cookies on the website:


Since 15 February 2016, a new electronic environment is open to all consumers across the European Union, through which complaints with online traders can be resolved. The environment facilitates the resolution of disputes related to both domestic and cross-border transactions.

The environment is called ODR platform (Online Dispute Resolution) and is located at

The platform is governed by regulation 524/2013 of the European Parliament and Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes. In addition, Commission Implementing Regulation 2015/1051 on the details of the implementation of the functions of the online dispute resolution platform; the details of the electronic complaint form and the details of the cooperation between the contact points have been adopted. The ODR platform allows EU consumers and traders to submit disputes related to online purchases to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) entities for online resolution. The ODR platform connects all national ADR entities in the European Union. The ODR platform informs the trader of the complaint against them. The consumer and the trader then agree on which ADR entity to use to resolve the dispute between them.

You can ask the Consumer Protection Board for help on working days from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on the telephone number 620 1707 or by email


EBD Group OÜ privacy policy sets out the principles on the basis of which EBD Group OÜ processes the personal data of its customers. The privacy policy applies to all individual customers and users who purchase goods offered by the company and who visit stores and websites. EBD Group OÜ uses personal data for your best service and for the correct fulfilment of all contractual relations and legal obligations.

EBD Group OÜ contact information of the controllers of customers’ personal data are:

EBD Group OÜ – address Kesk tee 12 Jüri 75305 Harju County, email Scope of Privacy Policy

The privacy policy applies to all individual customers and users who purchase goods offered by EBD Group OÜ and who visit company’s stores and websites.

EBD Group terms and conditions for processing the personal data of online store customers are available here: shopping information

Which personal data does EBD Group OÜ collect?

EBD Group OÜ may collect personal data to the extent necessary for the provision of the service, including, but not limited to, your name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, preferred language, direct marketing options and technical information transmitted by digital devices (e.g. cookies and other similar technologies).

How does EBD Group OÜ collect personal data?

EBD Group OÜ collects your personal data with your consent at the beginning and during the customer relationship when you purchase and use products and services. EBD Group OÜ only collects your personal data if you voluntarily provide such information. For what purposes does EBD Group OÜ process personal data?

EBD Group OÜ processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • customer relationship management and customer communication

  • concluding and performing a contract to be entered into or concluded with the client, answering the customer’s inquiries

  • customer relationship development and analysis

  • offering products and services for direct marketing

  • legitimate interest in examining consumer habits

  • management and development of services;

  • use and improvement of the website conducting lotteries and surveys compiling sales statistics

  • protection of persons and assets

  • to fulfil their obligations under the law

How does EBD Group OÜ protect your personal data?

EBD Group OÜ uses up-to-date, adequate, technical and organisational security measures for the collection, storage and processing of your personal data, which protect against unauthorised access, modification, disclosure or destruction of personal data stored in customer databases and websites. Only authorised persons have access to modify and process the personal data.

Transfer of your personal data

EBD Group OÜ may use third-party service providers who provide us with the necessary services (for example, software development, direct marketing communications, payment and postal service providers) when processing your personal data. Agreements have been concluded with all third-party service providers to whom EBD Group OÜ transmits personal data on the protection of personal data and the confidentiality of the transmitted information. EBD Group OÜ makes an up-to-date list with the names, addresses and other contact details of all processors available to the customer on the basis of the customer’s request.

Term for processing personal data

EBD Group OÜ may process your personal data for as long as is necessary to fulfil the customer relationship or other equivalent relationship between the company and you until you withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data or for tax and legal purposes until the legal terms.

Direct marketing

With your consent, EBD Group OÜ may use the personal data provided by you to provide you with information about sales, campaigns and offers. If you no longer wish to receive teleshopping, you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time by following the instructions in the direct mail or by contacting us.

Use of cookies

EBD Group OÜ websites use cookies. A cookie is a small text file that a browser automatically stores on a user’s device. Cookies are used to collect information about how the user uses the website in order to provide the user with a better user experience.

Websites use the following cookies:

  • session cookies intended to enable the use of the website;

  • permanent cookies designed to remember the customer’s choices on the website;

  • age-restriction cookies for statutory purposes;

  • first and/or third party cookies designed to show the user appropriate advertising and offers;

  • third-party analysis cookies aimed at optimising marketing communication.

The user can delete and/or block cookies stored on their devices by changing the corresponding settings of their web browser. If you do not use cookies, the website may not work as intended and/or some functionalities may not be available to users.

In addition to using analysis cookies, websites use pixels (pixel tags, web-beacons) to monitor the use of the website. In doing so, identification data will not be processed

Processing of non-personal data

When visiting the websites of EBD Group OÜ, EBD Group OÜ may collect non-personal data from you, such as the date and time of visiting the website, information downloaded from the website, information about the browser name and operating system, internet service provider and other similar information. This data is processed anonymously and is used to improve the functionality of the website.

Video recordings

EBD Group OÜ stores have video surveillance for the protection of persons and property. The chief processor of video recording and personal data processed as a result of video surveillance and the owner of security cameras is EBD Group OÜ. All video recordings are only accessible to persons who have the right to access the video recordings based on their duties. Video recordings must, as a general rule, be kept for a maximum of 60 calendar days, unless the need for longer retention is linked to an ongoing surveillance procedure relating to the protection of persons and property.

Profiling activities

EBD Group OÜ may use your personal data and purchase statistics to perform profile analysis in order to better understand your expectations and, as a result, offer you better goods and services. As a result of profiling activities, EBD Group OÜ does not make any decisions that have legal significance for you.

Your rights in respect of processing your personal data

You have the right to ask EBD Group OÜ, to whom you have transferred your personal data, for your personal data at any time, as well as to request the correction and transfer of your personal data and the deletion of it.

Please submit your applications related to the processing of your personal data electronically to the data protection specialist of EBD Group OÜ at the e-mail address In order to ensure the personal data processing security, your application must be digitally signed.

EBD Group OÜ has the right to reject your request if your identity cannot be established or the transfer of personal data is not secure. EBD Group OÜ has the right to refuse to satisfy your request for the deletion of personal data if the obligation to process personal data arises from a valid contract, law or is necessary for the preparation, submission or protection of legal claims related to the protection of persons and assets.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

EBD Group OÜ has the right to change and amend the privacy policy at any time. The current privacy policy is always available on the website of EBD Group OÜ.

Filing a complaint

If you find that EBD Group OÜ violates your rights when processing personal data, you have the right to contact the data protection specialist of EBD Group OÜ at the email address, Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate ( or the court.

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