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Factory tour and tasting

Uncompromising faith in the extraordinary has always been something we believe in. It has given us a boost to do things in our own way from the start. It’s a mentality that is instilled into every beverage we produce. Nature has given us amazing fruits that we are taking to heights by distilling Eau de Vie that is extremely enjoyable. It becomes perfection when matured in oak barrels. We take our time. We have time to wait until the last note is right. A way to the top of the taste sensation is through fire. Our passion is to make amazing beverages from natural sources.

We look forward to seeing you.

We would like to introduce you to our mindset, production, quirks, news and invite you to taste special spirits.

What to do:

  1. Create an interest group

  2. Write to us: or FB: @estoniabd

  3. Call +372 57877220 during the day

  4. Make an appointment

  5. Arrange transportation

  6. See you in the distillery

Important information:

  1. Alcohol can be harmful to health

  2. Be prepared to tell great stories

  3. Allow enough time, four hours is no wonder

  4. The minimum amount of € 250 does not depend on the number of guests (max 12), larger groups upon request

  5. For tasting, we offer our seven drinks + news creations

  6. We offer snacks to go with the spirits

  7. You can pay in different ways – even with some heavy work in the ATLA distillery😊

  8. Great opportunity to buy already tasted ATLA Distillery products

  9. As in stock - you can also get it in bulk, wholesale at a discounted price

Reserve vaadil-1350.jpg

We live in:


Kesk tee 12, Jüris

By taxi from Tallinn approx. 7-9 €

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