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It all begins with the first step. We started our journey to the land of dreams and flavours in 2017, in Atla Manor, where we restored the tradition of distilling spirits that ended in 1905. Our passion is distilling apple spirit from apple wine; then we let the beverage mature in oak barrels to get apple brandy that has top shelf depth of flavour, and enjoy this amazing result together. We enjoy clean and bold flavours.


After thorough consideration we decided to order our distillery supplies from one of Germany’s most known companies, Müller Brennereianlagen GmbH. Our thoughts inspired the manufacturer to the point that Mr Müller personally started the custom-made distiller at Atlas. Even the state approved our dreams in April 2018. We obtained a licence to distil our own spirits according to our wish and taste. We started selling it in May.


Our spirits come from a world view that is built on excitement and tips of our good friends and fellow travellers, and are only made from local produce. In doing so, we wish to be original, mysterious and special, and offer people mind-blowing taste experiences.


We work in four areas:


ATLA craft spirits – providing taste experiences

Making non-alcoholic beverages – on the accountable principle of ZERO WASTE

For other, small wine, beer and cider manufacturers, making custom-made spirits from their raw materials and according to their recipes

Detailed introduction of beverage and food culture


We have evolved faster than we ever believed we would. We have found many like-minded people on our journey. In 2019, we introduced our beverages at the Craft Spirits Berlin, where we surprisingly received a bronze medal. We gained courage and in 2020 we already received several silver medals in Berlin, a bronze medal in London and a gold medal in the USA.


In November 2020, we made it to Germany’s market - REWE stores.


In the summer of 2020, we organised the 1st festival of Craft Spirits Estonia, where 38 spirits partook, from which 17 were produced by us (7 ATLA spirits + 10 spirits made for other manufacturers). We intend to organise an international festival in 2022 where we invite craft spirits manufacturers from all over the world.


In 2021, we will launch the first Estonian apple brandy ATLA RESERVE as a new product, and in 2022 we intend to produce a special ATLA WHISKEY with a home-grown flavour.


To develop further, we took a strong step forward. In 2021, we changed our location. We moved our production close to Tallinn. We now reside in Jüri, in modern spaces where we can produce more and better. But there are things that we won’t change. They are the passion and thirst for new knowledge and skills. Development of Estonian beverage culture will not stop.

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