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Spiced Moonshine 59 % vol 35cl

Spiced Moonshine 59 % vol 35cl

  • A powerful Spiced Moonshine.
  • Adds spice to life at any time.
  • Made according to our best practices.
  • A wonderful drink that should be enjoyed at room temperature.


  • Product description

    • Region: Made in Estonia, handmade
    • Alcohol content: 59% vol
    • Volume: Bottle 350 ml
    • Distilled: with our best practices and skills
    • Color: Bright
    • Aroma: Spicy
    • Taste: Spice, surprising flavors, caressing texture
    • Food: Meat, fish, a pinch of salt, pumpkin salad, roe, oysters, ice cream
    • Serving: Can be drunk at room temperature, diluted, as cocktails 
    • Cocktail recommendation: Marinated with pumpkin, blackcurrant or citrus fruits
  • Packaging and post

    We will send the shipment to your parcel machine.

  • Wooden gift box and laser engraving

    Gift packaging made of hardwood adds even more dignity to the drink and increases the joy of the recipient.

    If you wish, we will engrave your request/picture on a 50x50 mm surface.

    Please add an e-mail for the request/image to be engraved.

VAT Included
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