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Grandma's honeysuckle drink + GIN

Grandma's honeysuckle drink + GIN

  • A truly revolutionary combination of sweet honeysuckle drink with Atla GIN
  • Gives a great color and taste experience when combined.
  • Awards:
  • Grandma's honeysuckle snap - Craft Spirits Festival "Destille Berlin 2020" – silver medal
  • GIN - 2021 Estonian Sommelier Association winner, and many medals from other parts of the world
  • We recommend pouring the 1:1 mixture into a spacious glass 20 + 20 ml   and add ice, enjoy!
  • If desired, add tonic to the above, resulting in a particularly summery long drink.
  • Product description

    • Region: Made in Estonia, handmade
    • Alcohol content:  Honeysuckle 22% vol, GIN 45%vol
    • Volume: Bottle 500 ml + 350 ml GIN
    • What it's made of: the best honeysuckle berries, the best GIN herbs
    • Color: Dark red + GIN brightness
    • Aroma: Floating aroma of honeysuckle + charming aroma of GIN
    • Taste: Strong honeysuckle berry and a wonderful GIN taste
    • Serving: Can be drunk at room temperature, diluted, as cocktails.
    • Cocktail recommendation: Mixing together 1:1 gives a wonderful, unforgettable enjoyment experience. Suitable for use wherever you want to add strong color and honeysuckle flavor and enjoy GIN
  • Packaging and post

    We will send the shipment to your parcel machine

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