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RESERVE 45.5 % vol 50cl

RESERVE 45.5 % vol 50cl

  • Estonia's first apple brandy
  • Apple nape matured in oak barrels
  • A wonderful drink to be enjoyed at room temperature in a tulip-shaped glass.
  • Brownish, with age developed brilliance and clarity. It takes time to admire sparkling colors. With age, the walls of the aroma glass become more numerous or tear.
  • An elegant addition to a variety of fresh fruits.
  • Product description

    • Region: handmade, produced in Estonia
    • Alcoholic strength by volume: 45.5 % vol
    • Volume: 500 ml bottle
    • Distilled from the best Estonian cider, matured in selected French oak barrels.
    • Colour: Golden
    • Aroma: Apple
    • Flavour: Apple, vanilla, chocolate, berries.
    • Food: Meat, fish, fish marmalade, oysters, ice-cream.
    • Serving: Suggested to drink at room temperature with a slice of apple.
  • Packaging and shipping

    We will send the shipment to the packstation.

VAT Included
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