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Atla vodka 41% vol 1500 ml

Atla vodka 41% vol 1500 ml

  • The purest booze.
  • Atla Vodka is made from high-quality grain spirits and pure water, no additives or manipulated flavors have been added. We are precise in our strength of 41% vol and find that one extra degree can be the only addition to our vodka.
  • A wonderful drink that we recommend enjoying at room temperature.
  • The best weight-to-volume ratio, does not vibrate, does not break when dropped
  • Travel SPECIAL


  • Product description

    • Region: Made in Estonia, handmade
    • Alcohol content: 41 % vol
    • Volume: Bottle 1500 ml
    • What it's made of: Made from high-quality grain spirit and pure water, no additives or manipulated flavors
    • Color: Bright
    • Aroma: Mild
    • Taste: With a long aftertaste
    • Food: Meat, fish, roe, oysters, ice cream, strawberries, fruits
    • Serving: Recommended to drink at room temperature, also diluted and in cocktails
      Goes well with strawberries and fruits on festive occasions
    • Cocktail recommendation: Atla vodka with pomegranate, blackcurrant or citrus
  • Packaging and post

    We will send the shipment to your parcel machine.

VAT Included
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