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Beer Moonshine 59 %vol 1,5 L

Beer Moonshine 59 %vol 1,5 L

  • A classic, clear beer moonshine
  • Eau-de-vie de bière
  • Made of the best in Estonia Märzen beer
  • A wonderful drink that should be enjoyed at room temperature.


  • Product description

    • Region: handcrafted, produced in Estonia
    • Alcoholic strength by volume: 59 % vol
    • Volume: 350 ml bottle
    • Made from: Distilled from Estonia's best Märzen beer.
    • Colour: Clear
    • Aroma: Bready, hoppy
    • Taste: Bread, hops, caramel, crispy marmalade
    • Food: Meat, fish, fish marmalade, oysters, ice cream
    • Serving suggestions:Can be drunk at room temperature, diluted, in cocktails.
    • Cocktail suggestions: with banana juice, blackcurrant or citrus fruit.
  • Packaging and shipping

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