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CiderWorld’21 Award

On 3 June 2021, this year's unique CiderWorld Awards were announced in Frankfurt, Germany.

The CiderWorld Award is the world's only festival of cider-based beverages that combines scientific analysis with the work of a national jury.

More specifically, the testing consisted of two phases:

  1. The Institute of Beverage Research at the University of Geisenheim, led by Prof. Dr. Frank Will, carried out qualitative and quantitative chemical analyses of the beverages submitted to the festival, and those that passed were selected.

  2. The CiderWorld Award international jury carried out an organoleptic analysis to assess taste, colour, aroma, etc..

Drinks came from all over the world for the festival, 180 drinks from 77 producers in 17 countries, with the main focus on cider and its further developments.

A new category was the apple brandy, a spirit made from apple cider or apple wine, in which Atla Distillery also participated with three schnapps.

The judging was based on a 120-point system, with Atla's Apple Brandy and Laird apple snaps winning the gold medal with 113 points. Atla Clear apple snaps was also commended with 93 points.

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